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Blood Pressure Monitor Kits

Blood Pressure Kit
Note: you cannot place a hold on these items.
There are four (4) different models:

  • Would you like to monitor your blood pressure at home? The Emma Clark Library is offering patrons the opportunity to borrow a blood pressure monitor. Along with the monitor, the package will provide you with information on how to have a healthy blood pressure level, how to find heart healthy recipes and how to find follow up information on blood pressure self-monitoring.

    Thank you to our partners at Stony Brook Medicine and the American Heart Association for their assistance with this program.

What’s in the box?

  • A blood pressure monitor

  • A cuff with a tube

  • A quick start guide

  • A user manual

  • The "talking" monitor includes all of the above, plus an AC adapter

How long can I borrow it for?

  • You may borrow this item for 28 days.

Can I renew this item?

  • No, this item is not renewable.

What is the replacement cost of this item?

  • There is a replacement cost of $50 if not returned.

How do I use this device?

    NOTE: The terms and conditions for these items differ from other Library of Things items.

    Borrowing Terms and Conditions FOR BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR KITS

    Loan Rules

    Blood Pressure Kits have a 28-day loan period and cannot be renewed. They must be picked up from and returned to the Emma Clark Library Circulation Desk. They may not be placed in the library book drop.

    Extended Use Fees

    There are no late fees for this item; however, there is a $50.00 replacement fee if the item is not returned. THIS ITEM IS NOT RENEWABLE.

    Replacement Costs

    As with other library materials, once you have checked out any Library-owned equipment, you are responsible for its care and that of any supplemental materials included in the kit. If any of the Library's property is lost or damaged, it will be your responsibility to pay the full cost of repair or replacement.
    Equipment and gadgets must be picked up from and returned to the Emma Clark Library circulation desk.  Equipment may not be returned through the book drop.

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